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Loren's Journal

20th December, 2007. 9:52 am. Lyrics and words

Maybe I'm an ungrateful punk, but tell me, what is a country?
I know from tired, I know from cold, I know from lonely and hungry,
I know what it is to wake up Tuesday and remember the duties of Monday.
But what does it mean to be born with a sheen and a flag for a polishing cloth?
How do I know from friend or from foe or which lives can be peacefully lost?
Each footstep I take is always star-shaped and my shadow is red, white, and blue,
But deep in my mind nothing is defined and I can't feel the words me and you.

I tell rhymes that are distinct and stinky
But it won't be a waste if I can make just one of you thinky
The one who thinks the deepest thought will be forever free from trouble
But the one who knows the truth will be the first to burst the bubble

Everybody's tellin' me lies
Sayin' a uniform ain't a disguise
Sayin' fuck a brain all you need is eyes
Sayin' we need hows and forget the whys

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18th September, 2007. 10:33 am. I'll fly when I can fly

I just heard the coolest song lyrics, from one of Brad Neely's Babycakes videos on superdeluxe.com. Diary #1, it was.

"I'll fly when I can fly."

It's so hopeful, peaceful, and a little wistful. Almost sad, in a pleasant way.

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29th August, 2007. 10:07 am. I'm staying inside tonight!

Yesterday, I received a Public Service Announcement call from a robot at the Lancaster Sheriff's Station, warning local residents about a child molester who "fondled" children at Sierra Elementary, about a half-mile from my house. The following description was given: "A Hispanic male, early 20's, about 5'8", black hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a black shirt and brown pants." To which I responded, "Fuck that! I'm staying inside tonight."

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27th August, 2007. 2:24 pm. From oldmanmurray.com/news/news.html

12 Days of Christmas, Complaints About Return To Wolfenstein 2001-12-03 Erik Day 3 - Day 1

Day 3 was originally going to be "Complaints About the Multiplayer". But since Wolfenstein's multiplayer is perfect, we don't have anything to complain about. Lucky for us, a vigilant reader noticed several factual errors in our Day 1 coverage and was kind enough and Luftwaffe enough to report them to us:

From: "Banzai-Bug" banzai-bug@web.de
To: erik@oldmanmurray.com
Subject: Have u ever thought of the things you are writing?
Date sent: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 08:19:01 +0100


I’ve just read your the article, "12 Days of Christmas, Complaints About Return To Wolfenstein".

First of al I’m a german. I can not understand why you are writing such stupid things about the German people.

"But, luckily, nobody cares. Without Nazis, Germany has absolutely no export that might possibly be of interest to anyone."

The most popular cars come from Germany like Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Porsche. These firms have BOUGHT American firms like Chrysler or General Motors. BMW has developed the basic motors for any airplane that’s in the air nowadays so your stupid US Army couldn’t bomb Afghanistan today if they hadn’t done it. (PS: You know the word in english language: Luftwaffe).

The USA has 230 Mio people (2 people per square kilometre) and has the most powerful economy! Germany has 80 Mio people (120 people per km²) and is the second one. So think if we get an really European Union HOW’s the first one? Uhhhhhhhhhhh.

Do you know what are the most sold weapons in the USA are? Heckler & Koch! An American firm? NOOOOOOOOOOOO lol a German one. Without such famous German people like Werner von Braun, Albert Einstein, Werner Siemens ….. the USA hadn’t build any atom bomb to throw over Japan to finish the war.

Did you know the in the early American history the decision of which language to talk was between GERMAN and ENGLISH?

The USA has killed millions of Indians and NOWBODY harms you for that.

SO WHY ARE YOU WRITING SUCH THINGS if you do not know anything about the germans?

CU Banzai-Bug

First of al - obviously - my bad! Cry uncle and let slip the dogs of surrender, because I stand corrected. Banzai is clearly a big longtime fan of OMM, but he's not afraid to take me to the mat - and then roll me up in the mat and toss the whole thing into an incinerator - when I screw up. I need more people around me willing to be this honest. And thanks for not rubbing it in by mentioning even more of Germany's most famous products, such as your country's market-cornering ventures in soap made out of homosexuals. My only excuse is that I actually did forget about the common English word 'Luftwaffe'.

This whole thing reminds me of a funny German joke that maybe will bury the hatchet between us:

Banzai's Mother: Son, our scientists have discovered that the Jews can survive under water!

Banzai: Huh?!?

Banzai's Mother: But not for very long!!!

Banzai: Oh, my, hahahahaha. Stop, my Luftwaffe!

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25th July, 2007. 10:12 am. The Bahamahhhhs

I've been trying to track down some records for a student who last attended school at C.H. Reeves Jr. High in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. (Side note: I had some trouble understanding that the CotB is a separate nation, because I assumed that the international calling code, 1-242, was an area code within the US.) Anyhow, after a few days of phone tag, I got the guy at CHRJH to agree to send out what he found. He then apologized for the delay, saying that the people who normally handle this stuff were on vacation. Where would these people go on vacation? They already live in the Bahamas! I envision them just turning around in their chairs, rotating from a view of their desks to a view of the sun setting over the beach, putting up their feet, and drinking a mojito.

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17th May, 2007. 2:43 pm. Badass idea for a Calvin and Hobbes game

I hope Bill Watterson comes up broke in the near future, because I have an awesome idea for a Calvin and Hobbes video game.

Check it out:

The world you can explore is nominally the neighborhood Calvin lives in, his house, the sidewalk, the woods and hills that extend from his backyard. But, at the push of a button, you can see your surroundings as Spaceman Spiff or Tracer Bullet or Stupendous Man and gain corresponding ways to interact with the environment. As Tracer Bullet, the world would go grayscale and appear to be a grimy city circa 1940, adults would appear as gun molls, gangsters, and thugs, and you could use your trusty dart gun as a .45 automatic to stun (not kill) other characters. As Spaceman Spiff, the world would become a vibrantly colored alien planet, streams would be toxic sludge rivers, adults would become horrible aliens, and a cardboard box stashed near the house would become Spiff's sleek red spaceship, allowing you to travel through space to other worlds. As Stupendous Man, the world appears as a heavily inked, melodramatic modern comic-book city, full of towering buildings that were formerly the rooftops of houses and nefarious arch-villans like Babysitter Girl; and you would gain flight powers and super strength. Another imaginary style would be the use of a cardboard box to travel back in time to the era of the dinosaurs.

Each different imagination style would allow you to move through the "real world", sort of the central area of the game, in different ways, but would also allow you to access purely imaginary areas in which the different abilities of each imaginary persona would become fully effective.

Hobbes would, of course, be a constant companion, but would only be useable in the game when no human characters are watching. This could add some stealth and strategy elements, as Hobbes' height would allow the Calvin to reach high ledges and his famous dash-and-tackle attack could knock enemies out of the way.

The gameplay would center around what I feel is the core of Calvin and Hobbes, beautifully expressed in the last line of the last strip: "Let's go exploring!" The final goal of the game would be, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, to fully explore everywhere in the game. To do so, you would have to use Calvin's different imaginary personae to manipulate the "real world" in order to find the items necessary to enter the imaginary worlds of those different personae: Tracer Bullet's dart gun, Stupendous Man's superhero costume, a cardboard box for a time machine... I can't think of what Calvin would need to become Spaceman Spiff. Perhaps, in a nod to the fact that the Spaceman Spiff character predates Calvin and Hobbes, you could begin with the ability to enter the Spaceman Spiff world. Also, when each item is found, a single strip featuring Calvin as that character would pop up, and you would have the option to read through a whole story arc from the strip.

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3rd May, 2007. 9:47 am. Virginia Tech Shootings

I just found out today through Three Panel Soul about the shooting at Virginia Tech. I was stunned for a while, until I began reading about possible diagnoses of this guy's supposed mental illness. Hearing that he was just nuts made me feel relieved. But, all I was really doing was putting a name on this horrible thing so that I could contain it in my mind and not be afraid.

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26th April, 2007. 11:47 am. Weed, Chrysler, and Elvis Presley

There's a PT Cruiser parked outside my work, wrapped around with fake wood paneling and adorned with those see-through window decals on all the rear windows featuring Elvis on various patriotic backgrounds. Something we can conclude about the owner: totally high, all the time.

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20th April, 2007. 2:56 pm. Old posts I liked

Old Posts, Poems, stuff:

Hindustani Music

I’m not willing to compromise, man,

Mixed colors and a fresh brush

Empty canvas

I’m a jealous guard of the landscape there

See the true mountain pass without the human stink

Without a         footprint

The loneliest way there in the new





                         when does it stop?

curled covered up in the atoms of that landscape hoping for blind deaf separation from the

Facts like Hands, man,

I’m a person too

And when you choose one item off the menu

You don’t get the others

This one never happened. Damnit. 

GoodFella on the radio!

The Edge 100.1 Modern Rock somehow picked up on our Nov. 9 show with Off Limits and the Craze and is going to play 80 promos in the two weeks leading up to the show, broadcast live from Schooners the night of, and interview the bands the week before. They're gonna interview us on the air! I'm gonna curse. " Well, The Edge, it all began with BEEEP BEEP BEEEEP four or five BEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEPBEEP the donkey." I'm gonna keep asking to meet Bono and Adam Clayton. COOOOL. Go see the show. 

This did.

Home Theater

My dad just bought one o' them home theater systems with the 5.1 stereo sound, and he was testing it out in the living room, watching _Lilo and Stitch_ and listening to the Rolling Stones, when all of a sudden, I hear the Ice Cube classic "The Wrong Nigga to Fuck With" (lyrics reprinted below) playing very loudly. And he listened to the whole song, and then went on to some classical piece. That's my dad. And that's what happens when my mom leaves the house. Peace.

I like this:

This is unfinished

O Queen! of such wonderous beauty gallow-glassed
That should remain like glass over every sight
That should remain sweet as a little death
Through every blink that beholds a new world, and new strength required to eat
Still you Queen
Your fair body like a noose
And your mind like a triangular block
Alive and greeting pronouncements and achievements, different keys,
a windowless door never seen,
Independent strength and a killing softness
Hidden, yet caressing every view or thought
Alive like a sparkling diatom crushed when touched with a fingertip
Spreading life like the dawn
Queen and creator of life
That should remain like a baby's cry on a spring day greeted by a little death
And a queen seen through thickets of leaves
O Queen! of such wonderous beauty flickered in shadow of a darkening forest,
Such wonderous beauty glimpsed through thickening vines,
Such beauty never seen
O Queen! Flecks of a little death speckle everything, and the darkening is too much to bear-
Can you bring back yesterday, and the life that you made,
Can we forget everything until we forget this death,
And the end of all your life? 

"Them clocks keep a spinnin', the reaper keeps on winnin', and I'll never be this young again. " I think I wrote that.

A thought occurred to me last December the Twelfth,
as I was mowing the lawn:
"There sure seems to be a lot of pointlessness in the life of a man, or a boy."

perhaps that's man's
Ultimate Purpose.
So I ran inside and wrote a poem.
Hell of a thing!
It jumped right up and baked me a date nut loaf.

Your days aren't as great

when you wake up too late

can't remember what the sunrise looks like

and when you were a kid

that sun ran and hid

and came back, and went looking for you

You'd toss your days like a coin

they would sparkle and shine

catch the sun, and show it to you;

in that light you could see

that eternity

was the smell and the grip of a football

Your knees, they got cut

and you were all bruised, but that wasn't a price

just a part of the whole

And a fortress could have

no walls you could see

and collapse at a shiny bell's ringing

The lava below

was just solid ground

but a pox upon ye if ever ye fell

A tree went to heaven

and starlight began in my backyard,

where everything was

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20th April, 2007. 2:01 pm. TSTAOLL #1!! Mint Condition!


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